Won-Tolla is an experimental publishing and visual culture project based in Pune and Mumbai, India. Won-Tolla works at the intersection of identitites – as a writer, artist, designer and a small press publisher – all rolled into one. A bookmaker interested in the narrative potential of multiple realities – bitter brown, black or blue – Won-Tolla makes art installations, art books, zines, visual poems, and graphic novels.

Won-Tolla means an outlier… A wolf who hunts outside the pack… my first appearance was in ‘The Jungle Book’ by Rudyard Kipling.

Published Works

Co-mix, Artbooks, Zines

2020, Disturbing

A folio of visual poems on love, longing, forgiving and hate.

2019, Make Art. Do we need to? 
An installation + Zine conceived at the Shifting Studios Residency in TIFA, Pune

2018,  Sleepsutra
A hardbound artbook documenting the experiences of sleep

2017, Be a Man: How to kill what you eat without using a knife (in less than 30 seconds)  A folio of hand-pulled serigraphs.

2017, Saturday Comix
An anthology of tales by students of the Maulana Azad School, Dharavi

2015, Comics Epidemic
An Anthology of tales from Dharavi. In association with the Dharavi Biennale.

2013, The Manual of Love
All the things that they did not teach you in school.

2013, The Oracle of Tripe

2013, The Parrot’s Tale
Being the story of a bird, not to be confused with one told by or to a bird.

2012, I’ve got a bike, you can ride it if you like
The adventures of a man and his cycle in a modern Indian metropolis

2012,  Et Tu Brut
The exasperating tale of a man and the dog that got between his legs.


Bubble-Bobble- published in Zica#6, from Brazil, 2020 

Be a Man! short comic for The Blaft Obliterary Journal Vol-2, Blaft Publications, Chennai, India 2013.

Comic strips and Cartoons

“Bhopu” : This daily cartoon strip follows Bhopu a Rickshawwallah as he ferries customers around town. Covering subjects ranging from civic issues, current events and humor in everyday situations. Bhopu’s first appearance was in Loksatta- the highest selling Marathi daily in Mumbai.

“Canter” – A weekly single panel cartoon covering the racing circuits Of Mahalaxmi, Mumbai and the Turf Club, Pune for Riding High from the Indian Express Group

Other Work

In no time, a short comic in the Mid-Day Anniversary Issue, India 2016.

Ladies Bike, a poem featured on the Agents Of Ishq website

This is a short video on my work and process.