The Manual Of Love.

The manual of love delves into things they will never teach you at school … or college … nor home.

How old are human beings?

From our ancestors of 6 million years ago, to the specific ‘human’ form that’s 200,000 years old, to the Christian scale of present day ‘civilisation’ that’s 6000 years… it is interesting to note how we have still not learned how to live with each other. Especially as lovers, partners and as a couple. We struggle to understand the other, just as much as we are ignorant of our own sweet selves!

The Manual of Love, delves into things they never taught you at school- the stuff that makes parents go, “We should have raised our children better” or “We should have raised better children, chosen from that orphanage down the street that we do not donate to”. With the epic battle of the sexes, flings, one-night stands, marriages and love on the rocks. It acts as a good reminder to the state we are in; thankfully, it does not offer any solutions- for that would be telling. Welcoming the randomness and chaos of daily love life.

Either The Manual of Love will help you feel comfortable in the grey areas with your significant other/s or The Manual of Love will help you feel the grey in comfortable areas with your significant other/s. Tip: Always remember that love shouldn’t distress or make you flounder. Keep it alive, keep it real… And, do not forget to take your vitamins… or anything else that helps you get through the night.

– Cheers, Won-Tolla

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The Manual of Love

by Chaitanya Modak

ISBN 9789351563198

6.25 in. x 9.5 in., 32 pages

Colour Offset, INR 150/-