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Sleepsutra Chaitanya Modak WonTolla

A feature on WonTolla by Vidya Unnithan
for Pune Mirror

An In-depth review of the Dharavi Comics epidemic featuring Won-Tolla’s works by Ryan Holmberg in The Comics Journal

Animation Express CM photo
Zeenia Boatwala reviews “The Oracle of Tripe” for the Animation Express  before the launch at the Mumbai Comic Con

Man’s World did a feature on the Dharavi Biennale and the comics workshop.
Sleepsutra by Chaitanya Modak

A feature on WonTolla’s Sleepsutra in Animation Express

Strip Tease Chaitanya Modak photo

Wonders Of Won-Tolla

Sreejita Biswas from Bangalore Mirror featured our latest titles in “The wonders of Won-tolla”

Astray Chaitanya Modak pic

Sreejita Biswas reviews #TheOracleOfTripe and #TheManualOfLove for Strip Tease- the comic magazine

Aditya Shekhar interviews Won-Tolla for the Indian Express

Comics Epidemic Launch Pic

Anusha Narayanan covers the Comics Epidemic Launch for Kyoorius Magazine

The Indian Express looks at how Rabindranath Tagore’s  “The Parrot’s Tale” finds relevance today.

Comic Cause a feature by Yolande D’Mello in the Mumbai Mirror

Omkar Khandekar reports on the State of the comic in India.