What does “Et tu Brut” mean?

“Et Tu Brut” is variously translated as “Even you, Brutus?”, “And you, brutus?”, “Thou too, Brutus?, or “And thou, Brutus?”

Who dreamt it up?

It happened to me! I wish to tell the world that there was such a dog! (See pic attached)

Who all are involved in the script and the illustrations?

Brut provided the inspiration, Chaitanya Modak drew / wrote it all down.

A photo of Brut

What’s the story?

It is an exasperating story of a dog who wants to befriend a man… But the man turns down his overtures and has to face the consequences. Much like a jilted lover.

Who is it targeted at?

It shall provide guidance to all dogs who want to get adopted by human beings on the inner workings of the human mind.

Why did you select this topic

I had to tell someone about this dog. it is a mere recounting of actual events. And events as we know are largely inevitable.

Any interesting tidbits during its making?

Brut did not like it. He feels he has been shown in a bad light. He wishes I had shown him more muscle bound and sprightly as he really is…. He really would have been killed by the owner of the cock in the market sequence. i.e of course if the owner could catch him.

Is there a sequel?

Why should I mythify him? He did run off and get adopted by the watchman in the next building.. ungrateful cur. But he does look over the fence at me with doleful eyes….hmm

How many pages? Available where? Cost kya hai?

24 pages B/W line art. Costs you INR 70/-  To buy, check out the shop link in the top menu!