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Cover of Be A Man by Won-Tolla
Be a man
By Chaitanya Modak
Cover for Ladies Bike by Chaitanya Modak
Ladies Bike
by Chaitanya Modak
Originally published November 2016
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Cover of the comic In No Time by Chaitanya Modak
In No Time
by Chaitanya Modak
Originally published June 2016
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Cover of the Comics Epidemic edited & curated by Won-Tolla
Comics Epidemic
Edited by Chaitanya Modak
March 2015
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Cover of The Oracle OF Tripe by Won-Tolla
The Oracle of Tripe 
By Chaitanya Modak & Benita Fernando
ISBN 9789351563181

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Cover of The Manual Of Love by Won-Tolla
The manual of Love
By Chaitanya Modak
ISBN 9789351563198
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Cover of The Parrot's Tale by Won-Tolla
The Parrot’s Tale
By Chaitanya Modak
ISBN 9789351563174
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Cover of Et tu Brut WonTolla Chaitanya Modak
Et Tu Brut
By Chaitanya Modak
ISBN 9789351563150
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