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The Oracle
of Tripe


Ever curious about your dying day? The Oracle of Tripe has all the answers. Presenting the bewildering tale of a man who asks for it and, unfortunately, gets it.

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The Manual
of Love


Can a man love a woman... and not be in a relationship with her?

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Et tu Brute


An exasperating tale between man, his sleep and the dog that got between his legs...

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I've got a bike...


A masked wonder pillows through smoke from a hundred thousand vehicles... includes an important chart (for security purpose) showing how men and women... verily the whole of humanity can be quickly and easily classified.

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The parrot's tale

parrots tale

Being the story of a bird, not to be confused by one told to, or by a bird. A narrative reconstructed from Rabindranath Tagore's "Tota-Nama". Re-looking education.

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