I am a comics creator working out of Mumbai and Pune. I draw a daily auto-bio journal comic called “What I saw Again” and also make other short comics and mini-comics and illustrations.

You can email me: chaitanya(at)won-tolla.com

Published Works

I’ve got a bike, you can ride it if you like, Self-Published, November 2012
The Manual of Love, November 2012
The Oracle of Tripe, September 2012
Et Tu Brut, Self-Published, May 2012
The Parrot’s Tale, Self-Published, September 2011


Comics Epidemic: Tales from Dharavi, India 2015

The Blaft Obliterary Journal Vol-2, Blaft Publications, Chennai, India 2013.

Comix India Vol.5. India 2012



For s(he) who lies outside the pack…

A shadow rises out of its lair and stirs the night with an echoing howl. Won-Tolla is all set for his hunt. He runs alone, away from the crowd, out of the pack. He lurks in the corners of your mind. Don’t be frightened when you encounter him. Stay with him, run a bit with him. He will melt into the darkness once again and you will walk with the shadows for some time to come.

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t h e s t o r i e s

Urban themes are a major fascination for Won-Tolla and most titles are based on experiences set in urban India such as the deafening joy in the dull thump of a Royal Enfield bullet, the strange relationship between man and a friendly stray dog (where the dog’s overtures are spurned by the man much like a jilted lover) or an adaptation of Tagore’s tale on education which hits everyone who reads it. The ingredients for the perfect Won-Tolla comic are a meaty story (backed by a ton of research) a dash of wit, wry humour, slices of life and stunning visual spreads…. And a memorable aftertaste left to personal interpretations.

B a n d e D e s s i n é e

The (French) phrase Bande Dessinée pronounced Bon-desi-knee is derived from the original description of the sequential art form as “drawn strips”. It is not insignificant that the term contains no indication of subject matter, unlike the American terms “comics” or “funnies”, which imply an art form not to be taken seriously.

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On days when I am not a masked super- wolf.....

I am a brand communication designer. My label is called ‘Inhouse design’. I work with clients in the truest sense of the term “We got it done inhouse”

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